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Pieces of Me Pieces of You

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Pieces of Me    Pieces of You

My vision for this blog is to create a 'Magically Inviting', safe space that will inspire creativity; ignite a quest for exploration of your innermost thoughts, feelings and deepest passions.

A place that honors you; where the freedom to be you is accepted with universal oneness, heartfelt connections and support.

Upon viewing a fine art composition, a feeling or a deep sense of connection may surface. I encourage you to, "Feel, Explore and Artistically Express," through a creative outlet such as; writing, photography, drawing, etc.; whatever feels most natural to you .

Upon reading this blog you may find yourself identifying with something that has been written and be blessed with validation.

Or you may find that you have been emotionally triggered. Once again, I encourage you to explore what lies beneath the surface.

You may be energized by a thought provoking idea which may get your creative juices flowing. Or you may simply be touched by an inspirational quote.

Feel, Explore and Artistically Express!

This is your space to indulge yourself however you wish. "May each and every one of you feel the warmth, acceptance and unconditional love that this space has to offer."

My 'spiritually inspired' compositions and writing are an outward expression, which I describe, overall, as....“Pieces of Me." I will write about my emotional connection and the compelling forces that lie behind many of my fine art compositions. Through my writing I will share many of my own life experiences.

I hope to connect with my audience on a deeper, spiritual level. My belief is that we are all one with the universe; like our mind, body and spirit we share a fashionably intertwined connection.

My hope is that, in return, you will be inspired enough to create your own space of exploration through artistic expression, whether through blogging, photography, scrap booking, painting,etc. titled....“Pieces of You."

Hugs, Healing and Happy Creating!


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