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Magical Moments, Flo and Creating Vision

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Magical Moments, Flo and Creating Vision

In this particular composition, “Wind Chimes through the Window,” it was the chimes blowing in the wind that ignited the initial spark, which stopped me dead in my tracks and captured my full attention.

The colors of the bright orange, paper like flowers, the soft breeze and the warmth of the afternoon sun were all speaking to me.

It was a culmination of these beautiful elements that drew me in. All and all it was a simply magical experience that seemed to sweep me off my feet.

In fact I woke up the next morning still hearing those beautiful chimes, feeling the gentle breeze and the warmth of the afternoon sun.

And lo and behold through my morning stream of consciousness writing came the following description of my experience from the day before. which I have titled, “Loving My Space Within,” (and you will noticed that I have taken the liberty to enhance my original composition, adding some raindrops to compliment my writing.)


"Raindrops twinkling sounding like chimes, It is the morning ro-bust-ness of the writers mind. Like a feather dancing on the edge of time. From my space deep within my story unwinds". © 2019 Mary Lou Chmura

My love lives in, the magical moments that stop me dead in my tracks and capture my full attention. Like chasing the light poking it’s rays’ in and out of a thickly settled forest or diamonds dancing on a sun glistened bay. A flower opening up or a newborn babies smile;

I love to take the time and listen to the silent communication with the bunnies in my backyard. I love to watch the chipmunks scurrying about darting to and fro, jumping over each and belly flopping, like their high on life and having a blast.


When I have stumbled upon a magical moment that has captured my full attention, it's like a form of spiritual meditation. Whether I am composing a photographic composition or am writing in a stream of consciousness.

Although, I am completely mindful of all that surrounds me, My body enters a state of Flo allowing my spirit to connect directly to the experience.

From that point on my entire experience moves through me and is outwardly expressed through stream of consciousness thoughts, writing or through the creation of vision that is captured through my lens.

All and all it was another simply magical experience that swept me off my feet and completely immersed me into that state of Flo.

Based on the comments that I have received on this composition. I seemed to have captured, the exact vision and feelings that I had experienced in that particular moment in time.

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