The Magical Bond Digital Fine Art Photography by Mary Lou Chmura

The Magical Bond

Recently, I had the opportunity to witness and photograph a mother giraffe with her newborn calf during the bonding process.  With my eye behind the viewfinder, I found myself mentally and emotionally recalling an array of vivid, emotional memories that live in a chamber deep within my heart.

Like the giraffe mother, deeply and passionately exploring every inch of her newborn calf.  I like, so many other mothers, knows first hand how miraculously passionate the bonding process may be.  It’s that alluring, magical, spark of vitality, (the above and beyond feeling), that two souls share when they bond and unite.  The kind of experience that sweeps you off of your feet as though you are in mid air, dancing with the love of your life.

My vision behind this digital fine art composition was to not only bring to light the heartwarming love and affectionate gestures that were displayed between this mother giraffe and her newborn calf.  It was to artistically sculpt a scene that would reflect time and beauty coming together reflecting the stillness of the moment; where sparks ignite from heightened passion, creating a magical feeling of love and beauty above and beyond your wildest dreams.

Thus, the creation of my digital fine art composition, “The Magical Bond,” was born.

This digital fine art photography composition comes in a multitude of sizes and media formats to accommodate whatever your needs may be. It is suitable  as a home décor wall print, that will bring a sense of love, affection and beauty.  It may be a heartwarming and meaningful addition to a nursery wall.

This print may be purchased as a poster, matted and framed wall art print, canvas art print, metal prints and/ printed on a variety of miscellaneous items


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