The Art of Feeling Centered

Thoughts on Mandalas….

I like to think of a mandala as a symbolic, creative, visual expression of art that reflects upon both our inner and outer worlds. This is my artistic creation of a mandala. This fine Art Photograph and digital artistic creation is called… “The Art of Feeling Centered.”

When I feel out of sorts, I will often find myself sitting quietly and journeying inward. Having a focal point helps me to connect with my core or which I refer to as my heart center. When I think of my heart center, I visualize a radiant flower opening up with it’s petal, like arms full of love just waiting to embrace the world. I think of my outer world in terms of relationships, nature and the universal connection to all living beings.

This particular mandala was digitally created from a photograph of a dahlia. At the center of this mandala is my visual expression and symbolic representation of how I envision my heart center. Focusing on the mandalas center while meditating helps me to gather the scattered pieces that need to be re-aligned with my spirit. As an end result I am left feeling centered, focused and grounded. Like a rebirth of ebb and flow, my inner and outer world flo in unison, slowly opening up to all that the Universe has to offer. ~Fine Art Photography and Digital Artwork by Mary Lou Chmura


~I honor the place where you are, when you’re there and I AM WITHIN myself. WE ARE ONE. ONE GOD. ONE LOVE. ONE UNIVERSE.

AND ONLY ONE LANGUAGE, the heart really matters.

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