Tender-Are-The-Moments-Where-Love-Embraces-Time-Sepia-Fine-Art -Photography-by-Mary-Lou-Chmura

Tender-Are-The-Moments-Where-Love-Embraces-Time-(in Sepia)

This Fine Art Photography Sepia Print, “Tender Are The Moments, Where Love Embraces Time”… is a heartwarming, tender moment, where love, simply embraces time.

This tender moment was captured, just after the baby giraffe finished nursing from her mother. The mother giraffe graciously bent down to caress and snuggle with her adorable newborn baby.  The baby returned the love by affectionately kissing her mother on her nose.

In that moment, I felt as though my heart and soul were resonating in time, with the rhythm of the universe.  Words cannot express the feelings that this tender moment touched within me and the waves of  raw emotions that swept over me.

It’s  rare moments in times like this,  that makes me passionate about my work as a photographer.   I feel as though I have captured something so rare and beautiful;  a special tender moment in time that may live on and resonate in the hearts of many for years to come.

I wrote this quote, “Tender are the moments, where love embraces time…”,  thirteen years ago for another composition; my daughter and her husband admiring and bonding with their first born son.   Their gentle caresses and soft kisses as they admirred their first born son broke my heart wide open.

I remember how proud and special I felt to have witnessed those tender moments in time.  I struggled then for words to describe, something so beautiful, that touched me so deeply.  And then, like now, I felt so grateful and blessed to have witnessed such rare and raw beauty.    This quote has always been a special one and  has very deep meaning.

This Fine Art Photography sepia print, “Tender are the moments, where love embraces time.” will fill your heart with warmth and resonate deeply within.

This Fine Art Photography print, “Tender are the moments, where love embraces time.” will fill your heart with warmth and resonate deeply within.

This Fine Art Photography print comes in a multitude of sizes and media formats to accommodate whatever your needs may be. It is suitable  as a home décor print, especially in a nursery or office, that will add nice accent and warmth to any room.  This print may be purchased as a poster, matted and framed wall art print, canvas art print, metal prints , tote bags, iPhone cover etc.

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