Born To Be Free Fine Art Photography by Mary Lou Chmura

Born To Be Free

This Fine Art Photography Print, “Born To Be Free,” happens to  be one of my most powerful, memorable moments thus far.  From the moment I laid my eyes on this big, beautiful, gracious leopard, (aside from looking through the viewfinder on my camera), our eye contact never broke.  I felt those powerful eyes gazing right through, to my very core.

Yet as powerful as they were, there was a sense of something much deeper behind those beautiful eyes.  I couldn’t help but to feel a very strong sense of hurt, loneliness and yearning to be free.  In that moment of awareness it felt as though there was a silent exchange of mutual understanding and compassion.

My vision for this fine art composition was to not only capture those beautiful powerful eyes and gracious soul.  It was to create a composition through a variety of artistic techniques that would express and reflect this very powerful experience.  I wanted my audience to be able to stand back and stare into those big beautiful eyes and share the connection that I felt in that moment.  I wanted those raw powerful emotions to come through my artistic creation.

Like a good book, I wanted my audience to be able to disconnect from all their worries, step into this scene and be able to feel and connect in this very powerful exchange.

This fine art photography composition comes in a multitude of sizes and media formats to accommodate whatever your needs may be. It is suitable  as a home décor or office wall print, that will add nice accent colors to earthy gray and blue tones. This print may be purchased as a poster, matted and framed wall art print, canvas art print, metal prints and/ printed on a variety of miscellaneous items

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